Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Replace The Motherboard In An Xbox 360

Replace the Motherboard in an XBox 360

A damaged motherboard in the Xbox 360 can only be repaired by replacing it entirely. The cost of the motherboard aside, the time that it will take a service center to replace the motherboard and get it back to you can be many weeks or even months. Replacing the motherboard yourself can be done at home once you have purchased a replacement motherboard, although it is not a casual repair.


1. Put a soft cloth down on a table. Remove all cables from the Xbox 360. Put the Xbox 360 face up on the soft cloth. Insert two fingers of the left hand into the open door where the USB ports are located. Grab the top of the faceplate of the Xbox 360 with the other hand. Pull up on the door with the left hand while squeezing the sides of the top with the right hand. Remove the faceplate and put it aside.

2. Push in on the right side of the Xbox 360. Insert the long thin stick inside and use it to release the four clips at the top that are holding a piece of gray plastic to the case. Press the power button on the front of the Xbox 360. Repeat the process of releasing the clips, this time on the left side of the Xbox 360.

3. Turn over the Xbox 360 and put it face down on the soft cloth. Remove all of the screws from the bottom using the Torx screwdriver. Turn the Xbox 360 face up and put it back down on the soft cloth. Lift up on the top case and remove it from the bottom case. Remove the back case from the bottom case and the side panels from the bottom case. Put the top case, back case and side panels aside.

4. Remove the screws from around the DVD drive that is at the center front inside of the bottom case. Lift up the DVD drive carefully and pull out the power plug going into it by squeezing the sides of the plug first. Remove the two ribbon cables attached to the motherboard by squeezing each at their sides where they connect to the motherboard and then pulling them straight out. Put the DVD drive aside.

5. Use the jeweler's screwdriver to remove all of the screws holding the large circuit board, which is the motherboard, from the bottom casing of the Xbox 360. Carefully lift the motherboard up and off the bottom casing after all the screws have been removed. Dispose of the motherboard.

6. Set the replacement motherboard into position on the bottom casing so that it is facing the same way as the original motherboard was. Screw in all of the screws using the jeweler's screwdriver so that the motherboard is secured to the bottom casing.

7. Hold the DVD drive over the motherboard in the area where it was placed on the original motherboard. Attach the ribbon cables from the DVD drive to the motherboard and the power cable from the motherboard to the DVD drive in the same fashion as they were removed. Place the DVD drive down on the motherboard and screw it to the motherboard using the Phillips screwdriver.

8. Reassemble the Xbox 360. Insert the power cord and all of the other cables that were removed earlier back into the console. Turn the Xbox 360 on and resume using it now that you have replaced the motherboard.

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