Monday, 21 December 2015

Replace The Power Switch On A Dell Gx280 Tower

Replace a damaged power switch on the Dell OptiPlex GX280 tower.

The Dell OptiPlex GX280 Mini-Tower computer has a power switch mounted on the front of the tower. If the switch becomes damaged or inoperable, you may need to replace it. The switch is located below the input/output panel, which you may need to remove to gain access to the screws holding the switch in place.


1. Power off your computer and disconnect the cables from the back of the tower. Note, if you cannot press the "Power" switch, you may still be able to power off the computer through the Windows interface. Locate the release catch on the side of the computer; lay the computer on its side so the release catch is toward the top. Press the release catch and lift the side of the computer to open the case.

2. Locate the mounting brackets for the power switch on the inside surface of the front panel of the computer. Unscrew the mounting screws. Note, if you cannot reach the screws with your driver, you may need to remove the input/output (I/O) card. To remove the I/O card, first remove the mounting screws for the hard drive with the screwdriver, and then pull out the hard drive. Then remove the mounting screw for the I/O panel and lift out the I/O card.

3. Examine the switch to determine if it's loose or broken. Hold the back and press the front several times. If it's broken, it will not click when you press it. If it clicks when you press it, it may have worked loose and need to be re-mounted securely. Unplug the wires attached to the switch casing to disconnect the broken switch from the wiring harness. Attach the replacement switch to the wires with the plug.

4. Remount the switch and tighten the screws so that you can press the switch and hear it click. Reinstall the I/O card and tighten the mounting screw. Reinstall the hard drive; tighten the screws. Reconnect any cables that you disconnected. Close the cover to the case and re-attach the cables to the back of the computer. Press the power switch to turn on the computer.

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