Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Replace The Power Button For A Presario R3000

An accidental drop or even a pet that thinks your laptop is a great place to nap may break the power button on your Compaq Presario R3000, which makes it difficult to turn the computer on or off. A broken power button doesn't need to mean it's time for a different laptop, however. The power button is housed on the plastic strip cover above your laptop's keyboard. By replacing the strip cover you also get a new, working power button.


1. Shut down the R3000's operating system and unplug any cords or devices attached to the laptop, including the power cable. Close the computer's lid and rotate the laptop entirely upside down.

2. Find the rectangle-shaped battery pack at the lower-left corner of the R3000. Push over the slide bar directly above the battery and lift the component out of the laptop's case.

3. Locate the three Phillips screws located along the top edge of the laptop that hold the strip cover in place. Remove all three screws with a Phillips screwdriver and turn over the laptop. Open the laptop's lid so the keyboard and strip cover are visible.

4. Insert the end of a flat head screwdriver underneath the far-right edge of the strip cover. Lift the screwdriver gently upward until the strip cover pops upward. Pull the cover entirely off the laptop.

5. Set the replacement strip cover onto the laptop and push it down until it snaps into place. Close the lid and turn the laptop over again. Replace the three screws you removed earlier and push the battery pack into the laptop's case.

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