Monday, 14 December 2015

Install Network Card Drivers

Network cards, or network adapters, are devices that let computers connect to other devices to form a network and access the Internet. When you plug an Ethernet cable into your computer you are plugging it into a network adapter. Wireless network adapters let computers network via Wifi signals. Many computer systems require users to install driver software before network adapters can be used.


Update Network Drivers in Device Manager

1. Click "Start." Right click "My Computer" or "Computer," then click "Manage."

2. Click "Device Manager," then double click on "Network Adapters." Right click on the network adapter you want to update with new drivers, and choose "Properties."

3. Note the model and manufacturer of your network adapter listed on the "General" tab, then click the "Driver" tab and chose "Update Driver." Choose to do your system search for driver software automatically; new drivers will be installed if they are available. If no new drivers are discovered, go on to section 2.

Manually Install Network Adapter Drivers

4. Go to your network adapter manufacturer's website as noted in step 3 of section 1.

5. Go the driver support area of the site and download a driver for your specific network adapter and operating system. Hardware manufacturers often have search tools under a "Support," "Downloads," or "Drivers" link on their main page. Here you can search for driver links based on the model of your network adapter. Often you must specify what type of device you have by choosing options from drop-down menus.

6. Double click on the driver install or setup executable (.exe) file. Follow the instructions of the driver setup wizard to install the driver. Restart your computer after installation is complete.

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