Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Replace The Optical Drive On A Toshiba Notebook

Replace the optical drive in a Toshiba notebook by sliding it out.

Depending on the model of a Toshiba notebook, you can replace the optical drive (CD-ROM or DVD-ROM) using different methods. The optical drive is on one side of the computer's base, and may be uninstalled by lifting off from the motherboard, or sliding outward. In popular Toshiba models, such as the Satellite and Satellite M series, you can dismount the optical drive by sliding it out after removing a securing strip from the keyboard, or from the bottom of the computer. After you remove the screw that secures the drive, you can dismount the drive similarly, regardless of the laptop model.


1. Shut down the notebook, unplug its power cord from the wall outlet and remove its battery from its bay under the computer. To prevent injury or damage to internal components, never dismantle electronic components with a live power source.

2. Remove the keyboard securing strip---a long, flat panel at the top of the keyboard. Insert a flat-tipped tool under the strip and maneuver to wiggle the strip loose, using the tool as a lever to lift up the strip. When the strip rises from one end, work with your fingers to detach it from the keyboard and completely remove it.

3. Remove two screws from the top of the keyboard, adjacent to the "F1" and "Pause/Break" keys. Undo both screws and lift up the keyboard carefully. Do not try to remove the keyboard completely, or you may snap its connecting cables. Place the keyboard at an angle on the notebook's base until you can access the optical drive underneath.

4. Locate and undo the single securing screw holding the optical drive in place. With the screw off, push the drive out with a flat implement until that it sticks out from a side of the notebook. Dismount the drive by holding it and sliding it out of the base. You will not have to undo any cables. They will become detached as you slide the drive outward.

5. Remove metal braces from the drive you just uninstalled. The braces essentially are metal walls meant to hold the drive in place when inserted into the notebook. Disengage locking mechanisms, such as clips or hooks, or undo screws to remove the braces.

6. Attach and lock the braces with the replacement drive. Orientate and align the drive with the opening on the notebook's base, and slide it in all the way. Release pressure when the pins are firmly connected.

7. Replace the keyboard and the screws back. Ensure the connecting cables did not get loose when you lifted and placed the keyboard to a side. Double-check the connection and reinstall the keyboard. Replace the securing strip over the keyboard and attach it firmly. Put in the battery pack and power up the notebook.

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