Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Replace The Power Button On A Toshiba M45s265

Replacing the power button is occasionally a last-ditch effort some computer users take when troubleshooting power issues. Sometimes, however, the problem is obvious: if you have to exert firm pressure on the power button to turn the computer on, then the component should be replaced. The power button on the TOSHIBA M45-S265 is built into the palm rest.


1. Turn off the TOSHIBA M45-S265 and remove the AC adapter. Confirm that the power light on the front of the computer is off before proceeding.

2. Close the notebook and turn the TOSHIBA M45 over. Release the lock securing the battery in place, then slide the tab to eject the battery from the notebook. Set the battery aside.

3. Put on an antistatic wrist band to protect the hardware installed inside the TOSHIBA M45-S265.

4. Remove the two screws securing the hard drive cover to the notebook, then remove the screw found on the wireless card cover.

5. Remove the screws located next to each vent. Lift the covers off the hard drive, RAM, wireless card and heat sink compartments. Remove the three screws securing the heat sink to the TOSHIBA M45.

6. Slide the hard drive to the side, then pull it out of the notebook. Detach the antenna cables clipped to the wireless card.

7. Lift the heat sink out of the notebook. Remove the screw found next to the memory compartment. Insert the tip of a paper clip into the top edge of the optical drive. Pull the paperclip forward to slide the optical drive out of the notebook.

8. Remove all of the screws from the bottom of the notebook. Turn over the TOSHIBA M45-S265 and open the computer as far as possible.

9. Insert the tip of a small flat head screwdriver between the bezel and the base of the notebook. Pry the left side of the bezel off the notebook base.

10. Pull the bezel up the rest way, releasing the latches securing the component to the notebook. Set the bezel aside.

11. Remove the two screws -- located above the F1 and Windows keys -- that secure the keyboard to the computer. Lift up the top of the keyboard, then slide it forward and lean it against the monitor.

12. Release the lock securing the keyboard cable to the motherboard. Disconnect the cable. Set the keyboard aside.

13. Close the computer and turn over the TOSHIBA so that the back of the computer is facing you. Remove the four screws from the back of the PC.

14. Place the computer upright, then open the lid. Disconnect the video cable, found just below the left side of the notebook. Pull the antenna cables out of their routing guides.

15. Remove the two screws found beneath the monitor. Lift up the monitor and set it aside.

16. Disconnect the touch pad and switchboard cables. Unplug the USB cable lining the palm rest. Remove the cable from the palm rest.

17.Turn the computer around. Insert the tip of a flat head screwdriver between the palm rest and the base of the computer. Work the tool around the TOSHIBA to pry the palm rest off of the notebook.

18. Set the old palm rest aside and insert the notches on the new palm rest into the latches on the base of the notebook. Press down on each edge of the palm rest until the component snaps into place to replace the power button on the TOSHIBA M45-S265.

19. Follow the above directions in reverse to reassemble the TOSHIBA M45.

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