Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Install Drivers In Ubuntu

You can install drivers in Ubuntu.

Installing drivers in Windows can be difficult. You've got to hunt them down, install them and make sure they work. Knowing this, and believing that Linux is harder to use than Windows, many people think installing drivers in Ubuntu is extremely difficult. Happily, that's entirely untrue.


1. Install the latest version of Ubuntu. Simply installing Ubuntu is enough - most drivers your computer needs are included with Ubuntu.

2. Run the Restricted Drivers Manager. Click "System," then "Administration," then "Hardware Drivers." If a driver you need is available, you can install it by clicking "Enable Driver."

3. Download any other needed drivers. If there's something you know you don't have and you need after these two steps, check your hardware manufacturer's website for an Ubuntu driver. If they don't have one, you may need to wait until Ubuntu's next release to use Ubuntu with your hardware. New Ubuntu releases happen every six months.

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