Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Replace The Power Supply In An Hp Computer

The power supply contains many power lead cables.

Power supply failures in a HP computer can cause your computer to fail to turn on, to operate erratically or cause certain system components not function. However, the power supply is one of the easiest parts of a computer to replace. You don't need any special skills to do this. If you're nervous about opening up your computer case and potentially damaging a computer component, don't be. All you are really doing is plugging in power supply cables after securing the power supply. The process should take 10 minutes maximum.


1. Shut down your HP computer. Disconnect the power cable from the power supply on the back of your computer. Unscrew the side panel from the back of the case and slide it off. Newer HP computers may have a case door you can open for access or have access buttons to press.

2. Look at the back of your HP computer case for a set of four screws near the top of the case. Remove these screws and set them aside. Carefully slide your power supply out of the mounting brackets and set it on a clean working surface. Do not disconnect any of the power connectors yet.

3. Slide your replacement HP power supply into the case and use the mounting screws to attach it to the chassis.

4. Use your old HP power supply as a guide to connect your new power supply to all the computer components. Switch the power cables from each device from the old supply to the new supply so you don't miss connecting any cables.

5. Check that all the components have power cables inserted and the old HP power supply is completely disconnected from the system. Close the HP computer case and plug the power cable into the new HP power supply.

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