Tuesday, 1 December 2015

List Of Pentium Dualcore Processors

Many Pentium Dual-Core processors were used in notebook computers.

Intel Pentium Dual-Core processors were part of Intel's mainstream line of x86 microprocessors until 2009, when the brand was renamed to simply Pentium. These processors are generally higher-performance than Intel Celeron processors produced around the same time, but lower-performance than Intel's Core and Core 2 lines. Pentium Dual-Core processors came in five basic types--two desktop processors and three processors for mobile devices.


Yonah dual-core processors were originally used in notebook computers and were based on earlier Pentium M cores. Processors with Yonah cores were sold under the Core Solo, Core Duo, Dual Core and Celeron brands. According to Intel, Dual Core Yonah processors debuted in the first quarter of 2007. They were sold primarily in notebooks bundled with Windows Vista. All Yonah-Dual Core processors were made to fit Socket M motherboards.


Allendale processors, also released in 2007, were designed for use in desktop machines and used a newer core architecture than the Yonah processors. Launched in the second quarter of 2007, these processors were based on 64-bit core micro-architecture, compared to Yonah's 32-bit Pentium M micro-architecture. These processors were some of the first processors using the Pentium name marketed to budget customers. Users who wished to overclock their computers often chose Allendale processors.


Intel's Merom-2M-based processors were similar to Allendale processors, but were meant for use in mobile devices, such as notebooks. Intel produced several versions of the Merom-2M, the first of which, the T2310, was launched in the last part of 2007. Merom processors were the first to be based on 64-bit core micro-architecture, and replaced Yonah processors.


Wolfdale 3M processors were released as successors to the Allendale, and are based on Intel's Penryn architecture. First released in late 2008, these processors have a higher clock speed and larger L2 cache than their predecessors. Like Allendale processors, Wolfdale-3M processors are considered good candidates for overclocking. They fit an LGA 775 socket.


The Penryn 3M succeeded the Merom 2M core with the release of the T4200 in the first quarter of 2009. Like Wolfdale, these processors were also based on the Penryn architecture, and were the basis for the first ultra-low-voltage consumer processors in late 2009.

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