Friday, 18 December 2015

Replace The Cmos Battery In A Toshiba Laptop L305s5895

Replace the CMOS battery in a Toshiba Laptop when the system no longer keeps track of the date and time or to reset the BIOS password. The clock battery is located inside the Toshiba laptop and remains connected even when the main battery and power cord are removed. The laptop must be taken apart to replace the battery, which maintains the date and time as well as other system information such as the hard drive and memory configuration, and the system setup and boot passwords.


1. Back up any important files and power down the computer using the "Start" and "Shut Down" procedure as opposed to letting the Toshiba Laptop go into sleep or hibernation mode. If unsure of the current mode, power the computer back on and shut it down this way.

2. Connect the alligator clip end of the anti-static wrist strap to a good ground, such as the ground screw on an outlet or a grounding terminal on a work bench, and strap the other end around one wrist before taking the Toshiba L305-S5895 apart.

3. Disconnect all cables and accessories from the laptop and close the lid. Flip the laptop over onto its lid and remove the main battery.

4. Remove the RAM and hard drive compartment covers. Remove the screws that hold the hard drive bracket in place and slide the hard drive out of the laptop. Press outward on the RAM retaining clips and allow the RAM to swivel upward and then pull it straight out of the slot.

5. Remove all of the screws from the bottom of the laptop.

6. Flip the Toshiba Satellite right side up and open the lid. Pry the small plastic trim ring from around the top edge of the keyboard and remove the screws that are holding the keyboard in place.

7. Lift the keyboard up an inch and move it to gain access to the keyboard and touch pad cables. Lift up on the small retaining tabs on the edge of the ribbon cables where they connect to the motherboard to release the friction connector, and remove the cables from the motherboard to release the keyboard and touch pad.

8. Remove the screw that holds the optical drive in place and slide it out the side of the laptop.

9. Disconnect the small wires that lead to the external jacks from the motherboard. Remove the screws that hold the top case cover and keyboard tray onto the base and remove the cover.

10. Remove the screws that hold the motherboard in place. Disconnect the power and accessory cables from the motherboard. Disconnect the video cable from the motherboard. Remove the motherboard from the system.

11. Remove the tape holding the CMOS battery pack in place and disconnect the battery pack. Install the new battery pack and reassemble the computer.

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