Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Msi Neo 4 K8 Motherboard Error Codes

The MSI Neo4 K8N comes in several variations, including the Neo4-F, Neo4-FI, Neo4 Platinum and Neo4-FX. The motherboard uses the Award BIOS. The BIOS performs a POST (power-on self-test) at startup to check the motherboard and its installed devices for any errors. The system produces a series of error codes, or beep codes, to notify the user of a problem.

One Long Beep

A long beep indicates the system detected memory failure. The BIOS tests the first 64KB of memory and emits a beep if it detects an error. Often, the user failed to properly install the memory into the MSI Neo4 K8N memory bay, preventing the BIOS from detecting the RAM. However, a bad memory chip or defective motherboard can also produce this same beep code.

One Long Beep, Two Short Beeps

The system emits one long beep, then two short beeps, after detecting a video-related error. The BIOS can't access or initialize the video controller or read the video memory, preventing it from displaying images or text. As with the memory, the user may have failed to install the video card to the graphics slot. A defective video adapter or PCI Express x16 slot can also produce this error. The MSI Neo4 K8N also emits one long beep, and three short beeps, to notify the user of a video error.

High-Pitched Beep

A repeating high-pitched beep, or alternating high-pitched and low-pitched beeps, indicate a problem related to the CPU. Repeating high-pitched beeps notify the user of an overheating CPU, whereas alternating beeps of various pitches indicate some other problem, such as a damaged or incorrectly installed processor.

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