Friday, 11 December 2015

Laptop Cpu Problems

CPU issues can slow down your laptop.

The CPU is the central processing unit for a computer. It is responsible for running the various programs and tasks you do each day. Some laptops are more prone to CPU issues than desktops, due to limited internal space.

Fan Issues

Most CPUs are paired with a fan to help keep the processor operating at a safe temperature and provide a constant stream of cool air throughout the case. Over time, the fan can become clogged with dust, which can lead to overheating. Because the size of the case for a laptop is much smaller than a desktop, it can be harder to ensure proper airflow. Laptop cooling fans may need to be re-lubricated with a drop of oil periodically. Sewing machine oil works well for this task.

Poor Manufacturing

In some cases, the CPU or other components of a computer that can affect CPU speed, are poorly made. Whether they were damaged in shipment or were the result of a manufacturing error or design flaw. Check the settings of your laptop to see what CPU came standard from the manufacturer, and cross-check the model number with any CPUs known to have flaws or issues.

Software Updates

In the case of the first-generation MacBook Air, there was an issue with the CPU due to overheating. However, Apple was able to fix this issue for many users by issuing a software update. You should make sure that all recommended software updates have been downloaded to prevent a similar issue from crippling your CPU.