Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Locate The Hp Pavilion'S Motherboard

Every device on your computer connects either directly or indirectly to the motherboard.

Motherboards in computers act as a sort of electrical central nervous system that links all the components in a computer together, allowing them to send signals to each other. Your motherboard contains the memory, the processor, hard drives and display adapters. If you want to make changes to your computer, you must always learn where to locate your motherboard and work on it. Your HP Pavilion computer's motherboard lies on the same side where you connect peripherals to the computer.


1. Remove all the cables connected to your HP Pavilion computer.

2. Lay the computer's tower on its right side, allowing the left side to face up.

3. Remove the thumbscrew on the computer's rear edge that now faces up using your fingers or a flat-head screwdriver.

4. Pull the case cover towards the rear of the computer and lift it off.

5. Move aside some of the internal cables without disconnecting them. Some HP models might have enough cables to cover up the motherboard completely. The motherboard lies underneath everything.

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