Friday, 4 December 2015

Flash The Bios On An Xps 400 If You Can'T Boot To Windows

The Dell XPS 400 is a desktop computer that runs with the Windows operating system. If you can't boot Windows on your XPS 400, and you know that it is because you need to update your BIOS, also known as flashing BIOS, it is still possible for you to do this without booting Windows. BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System and it is the most important functions of your computer's central processing unit (CPU).


1. Go to the Dell download website (see Resources) and download the latest BIOS drivers for your computer. Note, since you cannot boot Windows on your XPS 400, you'll have to use a friend's computer, or a computer at your local public library.

2. Copy the BIOS driver download onto a USB thumb drive. Note that as of 2010, the latest BIOS update for the XPS 400 (created in 2007) is 514 KB and will fit in any thumb drive that is at least 1 GB

3. Power on your XPS 400 and press the "F12" key as soon as you see the Windows logo appear.

4. Select the "Boot from disk drive" option and select for your computer to boot from the thumb drive. Your computer will then flash (update) the BIOS on your motherboard and restart. Note that if this was the issue that did not allow Windows to boot, your computer will now be able to boot Windows.

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