Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Install A Chipset Driver For An Emachines El1200

Emachines utilize an Nvidia chipset.

It is the silicon chips in your computer which make the RAM, CPU and all other components work together. The most important is the motherboard chipset. The driver of the chipset affects the speed and the stability of the various devices built into the motherboard. Typically, computers run with old chipset drivers or use the basic default drivers which are built into Windows. In case of stability problems with the motherboard, you may wish to install a new chipset driver into your eMachine EL1200.


1. Find the right eMachine chipset driver from the eMachine website. A link is provided in the Resources section.

2. Click on the appropriate drop-down menu for your operating system. The eMachine EL1200 runs on either Windows Vista or Windows XP.

3. Select "Nvidia Chipset MCP61P" if you are running Windows Vista; select "CHIPSETVGA" if you are running Windows XP. The download will start automatically.

4. Uninstall the old drivers before installing the new ones. Go to the Windows Control Panel, open the "Add/Remove Programs" window and uninstall the "NVIDIA Windows nForce Drivers." Reboot the computer.

5. Click on the executable file from the downloaded files and reboot again.

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