Sunday, 27 December 2015

Overclock An Acer Laptop With A Centrino

Older Acer laptops may start to slip in performance or may not match the ability of newer computers to run various programs. Overclocking the Acer computer will speed it up. A computer's processing "clock" speed is based on a bus frequency and a frequency or voltage "multiplier." These two figures multiplied give your computer's speed. If you increase one of these figures, you will be overclocking.


1. Restart your Acer laptop.

2. Wait for a message "Press DEL to enter setup" to appear. Press the corresponding button to enter the setup.

3. Scroll to the right to find the advanced options. Locate in the BIOS the "CPU Frequency/BUS Frequency/Front Side Bus" (wording will vary depending on BIOS revision).

4. Raise the frequency by a small increment such as 5 Mhz. Press "F10" to save and exit from the BIOS.

5. Make sure that your computer still works effectively. If it is still stable, you can attempt to increase the figure more.

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