Sunday, 20 December 2015

Replace The Motherboard On The Gateway Mt3707

The circumstances in which you'd need to replace your system board yourself are rare, but it is sometimes a necessary -- and last -- step in troubleshooting. If your system is out of warranty and you've troubleshot your issues to determine that your motherboard is causing your problem, then you will need to replace it. To save the cost of having a technician do the maintenance, you can order and install the part yourself.


Ordering a Replacement Motherboard

1. Check your original system order sheet to verify the part number for the motherboard. Gateway lists three part numbers: 4001189R, 40GAB1200-C310 and 40GAB1200-C510. The system boards are interchangeable and ship based on availability.

2. Purchase the new part. If your system was still under warranty, Gateway will do the replacement for you. If your warranty has expired, or a non-warranty event took place (spilling liquid on the system, etc.), you will have to purchase the part. Gateway uses third-party distributors for replacement parts, and motherboards are available from Skyline Engineering.

3. Go to the Skyline Engineering site (see References) and enter your system information. You can type your serial number directly in to find an exact replacement, or enter the model and series to find parts.

Replacing the Motherboard

4. Turn off your system and unplug it. Remove the battery, then press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. This will clear any static electrical charge from the system, and avoid damaging the new parts. It's also recommended that you keep the new motherboard in its anti-static wrapping until you are ready to install it.

5. Turn the laptop upside down and remove the two screws in the battery compartment. Turn the laptop back over, open the screen, and use the flat-head screwdriver to release the tabs behind the F1, F11 and "Insert" keys. Gently pull the screen upward to remove. Insert the screwdriver under the keyboard on the back edge and gently pry upward, then slide back toward the screen to remove.

6. Disconnect all ribbons on the motherboard. Try to remember where they connected and how the ribbons were oriented. Flip the laptop over again and remove all the screws in the bottom plate. Then remove all of the internal devices: hard drive, memory, network connector and the fan and CPU assembly. Also remove the optical drives at this stage.

7. Unscrew the 16 screws that have been revealed by removing the peripherals. Close and latch the screen, then pull the motherboard from the rear of the system gently. If it doesn't come out easily, check for screws still attached.

8. Remove the new motherboard from its anti-static plastic and insert it into the system exactly as you removed the old motherboard. Reattach all of the screws where they came from, then begin re-installing the peripherals and connecting the cables.

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