Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Replace The Power Supply On A Dell Dimension E310

The Dimension E310 a desk top computer produced by Dell as a member of their Dimension E series, the precursors to the Inspiron line. The power supply unit (PSU) converts the electricity from your wall outlet (AC power) to a form that will power the devices in your computer (DC power). Without a working PSU, nothing on your computer, such as the motherboard or disk drives, will run. Replacing the unit is a simple process but only if you have a working knowledge of computers. If you're unsure of the problem, or repair it, let a computer technician do the work for you.


Removing the Old Power Supply

1. Turn off your computer and unplug it. Disconnect the AC power cord from the computer. The AC power cord is the cord you plug into your wall outlet to supply electricity to the computer.

2. Disconnect the network cable by unplugging it from your computer. The network cable looks like a large phone line and runs from the computer to your cable modem.

3. Disconnect any phone lines attached to the computer. There may not be any if you have cable Internet service.

4. Press the power button down and hold it for a few seconds. This will ground the system board.

5. Open the computer cover. Touch an unpainted metal surface, such as the back of the computer. This will ground you and avoid static charge. You should do this periodically when working inside of the unit.

6. Disconnect the DC power cables from the system board and the drives. DC power cables are thin, colored, insulated wires that that run from the power supply unit to all the peripheral devices in your computer.

7. Unscrew the four screws that attach the power supply to the back of the computer frame. If you are looking at the back of your computer, where the AC cord attaches, you will see a metal vent or screen. The screws will surround the screen.

8. Press the release button. When looking into the computer, towards they system board, you will find the release button on the floor of the frame, next to the power source. It lies flat against the floor of the computer frame and looks like a metal pedal.

9. Slide the power supply forward an inch, towards the front of your computer. Lift up and pull it away from the frame.

Installing the New Power Supply

10. Slide the new power unit into place.

11. Replace the screws that you removed. Remember the screws insert on the back of the computer frame, surrounding the metal vent.

12. Reconnect all the DC power cables to the devices in your computer, such as the system board and disk drives.

13. Replace the computer cover.

14. Connect the AC power cable and Internet cables to your computer.

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