Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Find Motherboard Drivers

Drivers are software packages that tell your operating system use various hardware components like video cards, sound cards and network cards. Motherboards have both drivers and a basic input-output system that boots before your operating system loads. You can find motherboard drivers by identifying your motherboard and locating the driver support area from your motherboard's manufacturer.


Identify your Motherboard

1. Download the CPU-Z freeware tool (see link in Resources). To find motherboard drivers, you need to know your motherboard model and manufacturer. One of the easiest ways to do this is to download CPU-Z, a freeware program that runs out of an EXE file that does not need to be installed on your computer.

2. Open the folder you downloaded and double click "CPU-Z.exe."

3. Click the "Mainboard" tab and record the manufacturer and model of your motherboard.

Search for Drivers

4. Search for the website of your motherboard manufacturer. Look for your manufacturer's driver support area.

5. Use your motherboard's model number to conduct a search for drivers for that specific motherboard.

6. If more than one driver is available for download, download the most recent driver release. More recent drivers typically run better and may resolve problems that were discovered in older versions.

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