Friday, 23 October 2015

Install An Intel Heatsink On A Gigabyte Motherboard

Heat sinks attach to the motherboard and cool the CPU.

If you bought an Intel processor to install on a Gigabyte motherboard, chances are good it also came with an Intel heat sink. Although heat sinks vary greatly in size and shape from one another, they install the same way regardless of manufacturer or model. Installing heat sinks does require more manual dexterity than other computer maintenance tasks. An incorrectly performed upgrade could seriously damage your processor or motherboard as well. Newcomers and experts alike can safely complete the installation with the correct preparation and knowledge.


1. Turn off the computer if it is running. Unplug all cables from the unit. Remove the left side panel of the computer to access the motherboard. Most systems require you to press a lever near the back of the panel and pull the cover outward. Some have one or two screws on the edge of the panel that you must remove with a Phillips screwdriver.

2. Thermal grease bridges the processor and the heat sink.

Apply a thin layer of thermal grease to the top of the CPU using a cotton swab. This heat-dissipating compound bonds the heat sink to the processor. Most heat sinks come with a tube of thermal grease, and it is possible that your processor might already have an adequate coating of thermal grease.

3. Heat sinks attach to the motherboard via screws or latches.

Align the Intel heat sink with the processor. Screw the heat sink down into the mounts next to the CPU. If your particular heat sink or Gigabyte motherboard model does not have screw holes, you must latch the heat sink down.

Clip the latch to one side of the CPU mount and stretch it across the heat sink. Secure it to the other side. Repeat if your heat sink uses two latches instead of one. Attaching the latch to the mount requires a good deal of physical force.

4. Many heat sinks have a fan on top.

Plug in the heat sink fan cable into the white connector next to the processor, if applicable. Not at all heat sinks use fans. Replace the system side panel and plug all cables back in.

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