Friday, 2 October 2015

Flash The Bios In Dos

Use a floppy disc to flash the BIOS in DOS.

Flashing a computer motherboard's BIOS, Basic Input/Output System, is a common computing task. Upgrading the BIOS allows for newer hardware support and corrects many types of hardware failures previously present. While most motherboard manufacturers use Windows executable files, there are many users who prefer to install these updates in a DOS, Disk Operating System, environment to avoid potential upgrade failures.


1. Insert the floppy disc into the floppy drive.

2. Double left click the BIOS image file. This launches an image creation program that installs an ISO disc image onto your floppy disc.

3. Copy any additional files from the manufacturer onto the disc. Some upgrades require that the image be created empty and the BIOS update copied manually to the floppy disc.

4. Restart the computer with the floppy disc inserted in the floppy drive. Upon restarting, the boot disc will automatically run and launch the BIOS update procedure. You may be required to accept an end user license agreement and confirm you wish to update the BIOS.

Tags: floppy disc, BIOS update, floppy drive