Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Mac Vs Pc Security

Mac security requirements are quite different from PC security requirements when the PC is running a Windows operating system. If the PC is running a Unix based OS, then the security requirements are virtually the same.

Mac Security

Mac OS X is based off of BSD, a Unix-like operating system, thus is less vulnerable to viruses, and is built with security as one of its main objectives.

Mac Security Measures

OS X holds true to the Unix concept of a super user, which is called 'root.' The root user can make system changes without authentication, thus Mac security is based on protecting the root account.

Windows PC Security

Windows is based off of DOS (Disk Operating System). While it is viewed as the most popular OS (mainly because of its affordability for normal desktop users), it is extremely vulnerable to viruses and other malicious exploits.

Windows PC Security Measures

Windows users find it necessary to purchase subscriptions to antivirus software, which can be costly. Any user may make system changes, and there is no super user concept.

Linux PC Security

Linux is also a Unix-based OS, and comes in many different versions, by different distributors. Like all Unix-based operating systems, it is less susceptible to viruses, the main concern being protecting the root account from unwanted access.

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