Friday, 2 October 2015

Open Bios Of An Asus

Asus is a computer hardware manufacturer that also produces laptop computers. Like other computers, Asus laptops contain a basic input/output system (BIOS) where many aspects of hardware configuration can be set. From this menu, it is possible to make many changes to the devices and peripherals that are part of your computer, as well as configure the order in which certain parts of your computer start. This menu is easily accessible and can be a helpful utility when troubleshooting issues with your laptop.


1. Unfold your laptop so that the screen is visible.

2. Press the power button located above the keyboard.

3. Hold the "F2" key immediately after powering on the computer. If the computer continues into Windows, then you did not begin holding the "F2" key fast enough. Restart the computer and try again.

4. Navigate the BIOS menu using the arrow keys on your keyboard and press the "Enter" key to confirm any selections. Always select the "Save" option before exiting BIOS, otherwise your changes will be discarded.

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