Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Replace Speakers On A Laptop

Laptop are notorious for having low-quality speakers. These speakers do not have the ability to get very loud. In addition, laptop speakers are not known to have a very long shelf life. Whether you are trying to replace broken laptop speakers or simply would like to upgrade them, replacing laptop speakers is a very easy process to perform.


1. Purchase a set of laptop speakers that are compatible with your brand of laptop. Every set of speakers will not fit every laptop, so make sure your laptop is listed on the package.

2. Open the laptop safely to replace the internal speakers. To begin this, first remove all of the battery components, both the external on that plugs into the wall as well as the internal battery pack. The internal pack is removed by holding down the release tab located on the bottom of the laptop and slide the battery pack from from its port.

3. Remove the hard drive from its housing by unscrewing it and sliding it out by the pull that that is attached to it. Be sure to make a note of the proper way it comes out. If you put it back upside down, the computer will not function correctly.

4. Unscrew all of the screws that hold the laptop's body in place. After the screws are removed, lift up on the laptop screen and separate it from the computer's body. There will be two wires that connect the screen to the motherboard; make sure not to disconnect these wires from their connections.

5. Separate the two pieces of plastic body frame to view the inside of the laptop. Once inside the laptop, identify where the two speakers are located. This will be different for each brand of laptop. If you can not find it, just follow where the holes on the outside of the body are located; this is where the speakers will be resting internally.

6. Unscrew the speakers from the spots and make a note of where they connect to the motherboard. Locate these connection on the new set of speakers to make sure that the new set will work properly before you remove anything. Then disconnect the old speakers and connect the new ones to the same location as the old speakers were removed.

7. Reconnect all of the components at the exact places from which they were removed. Rescrew all of screws into the proper spots, power on the computer and test the new speakers to make sure they work properly.

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