Thursday, 15 October 2015

Replace The Cpu In An Inspiron 2650

A Dell Inspiron laptop

The Dell Inspiron 2650 comes from the factory with a 1.6Ghz Pentium 4 Processor-M installed. If you want extra processing power, or the processor has suffered a hardware failure, you can replace the existing central processing unit (CPU) with a new one. To replace the CPU, you must remove several other components in the Inspiron 2650 laptop that prevent you from accessing the processor. Although disassembling a laptop is a challenging procedure, it can be done by an average computer user with a basic understanding of electronics.


1. Power down the Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop. Unplug the power cable and close the LCD screen lid. Turn the computer over.

2. Slide the battery-release latch up and pull the battery out. Remove the two screws on the hinges on the back of the case.

3. Turn the laptop back over and open the LCD screen lid. Push the edge of a flathead screwdriver under the plastic strip between the keyboard and LCD screen. Pop the strip upward and pull it off.

4. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the four screws at the top of the keyboard. Lift the keyboard and disconnect the cable running from the motherboard to the keyboard. Set the keyboard to the side.

5. Remove the four screws that hold the metal shield in place at the upper left end of the motherboard. Pull the metal shield off the motherboard.

6. Locate the fan and thermal cooling assembly that cover the processor at the upper left end of the motherboard. Disconnect the black cable that runs from the fan to the motherboard. Remove the four screws that hold the thermal cooling assembly to the motherboard in consecutive order---they are labeled 1 through 4.

7. Lift the fan and thermal cooling assembly up and set outside the laptop case. Rotate the socket cam that holds the processor into place counterclockwise until it unlocks.

8. Pull the processor straight up off the motherboard socket. Line up the pins on the replacement processor with the holes on the motherboard socket. Gently push the new processor down onto the socket. Rotate the socket cam to lock the processor in place.

9. Reconnect the fan and thermal cooling assembly. Set the metal shield back in place and then reconnect the keyboard. Put the battery back in.

10. Power the Dell Inspiron 2650 on. Wait for the operating system to load to ensure that the new CPU is working properly.

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