Thursday, 8 October 2015

Install Motherboard Drivers On A Second Hard Drive

Install Motherboard Drivers on a Second Hard Drive

If the operating system on your second hard drive is not automatically detecting the drivers for your motherboard, or if you are wanting to reinstall the drivers to your computer as a troubleshooting method, the best option is to download the drivers from the manufacturer's website and manually install them to your computer. To install drivers to your second hard drive, the drive must be installed with an operating system, and you must be able to boot from the drive.


1. Go to your computer manufacturer's website. Navigate to the "Support" page. Input your computer's model number and type.

2. Select from the list of operating systems the one installed on your second hard drive. Download the listed motherboard drivers to an empty folder on your second hard drive.

3. Restart your computer. Before the OS loading screen appears, access your BIOS setup utility. In most cases, the key to access BIOS setup is displayed on the PC's start-up screen.

4. Reconfigure your BIOS settings so that your computer's boot priority is set to the second hard drive. Contact your motherboard's manufacturer, or check your PC's documentation, if you don't know change the BIOS settings.

5. Navigate to the folder where you installed the motherboard's drivers after your OS loads. Open any compressed files in WinRAR, WinZIP or other file extraction program to unzip them, if applicable.

6. Double-click each executable file, one by one, to install the drivers to your computer. Do not open all of the executable files at once, as this could cause system instability.

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