Friday, 30 October 2015

Install A New Motherboard & Cpu

Upgrading the motherboard and the CPU on a computer can seem like a difficult task for most people. However, the truth is that almost anyone can install a new motherboard and CPU into their computer with just a little bit of preparation. All it takes is overcoming the fear that most people have when opening up a computer case. The best part is that by installing a new motherboard and CPU yourself, you will save a lot of money and gain huge performance improvements.


Preparing for Installation

1. Ensure that the motherboard and CPU are compatible, before beginning installation.

2. Clear a workspace that offers plenty of space and light to work.

3. Install the brass metal stand-offs into the empty case. These stand-offs will create space between the case and the motherboard. Be sure to determine first which stand-offs require installation, as there will likely be more slots in the case than in the motherboard.

Installing the CPU

4. Unlock the CPU socket. Usually, a plastic lever is all that needs to be lifted to unlock the socket.

5. Align the CPU so that it slides gently into the CPU socket. There should be no pushing required. Generally, there will be one corner that is used to guide the alignment. This corner will have no pins and will correspond to the corner in the socket that is also without pins.

6. Lock the CPU socket by lowering the plastic lever.

Installing the Heatsink and Fan

7. Apply a thin layer of thermal compound directly to the CPU, if required.

8. Latch the heatsink and fan onto the mounting hooks located at the base of the CPU socket.

9. Plug the fan power source into the appropriate motherboard power slot.

Installing the Motherboard

10. Align the motherboard with the brass metal stand-offs that were previously installed.

11. Screw down the motherboard at all points.

12. Install the I/O plate to the back of the computer case, aligning the open slots with their corresponding components on the motherboard.

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