Friday, 9 October 2015

Open A Basta Lock

Axa Basta provides a comprehensive list of lock manuals online.

Axa and Basta are sister brands that specialize in cycle accessories such as locks and headlights that are geared to both the recreational and professional cycling industries. These locks can also be used to secure equipment such as wheelbarrows, tractors and other small tools or machinery that have a wheel and a frame in close proximity. Most Axa Basta locks are sold with two keys, allowing the user to share with a loved one or keep one as a spare. The products are manufactured by parent companies Stenman Holland B.V. and the Basta Group A/S, and the brands are based in The Netherlands. Does this Spark an idea?


Click Lock

1. Insert the key into the hole found on the left side of the lock. The Click Lock series is a hard, U-shaped lock. It is secured upside-down beneath the bicycle seat. The lock is placed over the frame, while the security bar is raised through the back wheel.

2. Turn the key to the right. You will hear a click as the security bar is released.

3. Push the security bar through the wheel as you lift the lock over the frame. You may now remove the key, close the lock and store.

Security Ring

4. Insert the key into the slotted hole. The Defender line of security ring locks should be located on the back of a bicycle between the frame and the wheel. It fastens on both the frame and the wheel, so that the back wheel cannot rotate.

5. Turn the key to the right until you hear a "click" and feel the lock release.

6. Remove the ring lock from the bicycle frame and wheel. The lock will pop open to the side once released. Simply lift and remove.

Plug-In Cables

7. Insert the key into the security ring lock. The plug-in cables are a line of locks which plug into the security ring locks. They are meant to be looped around the front wheel and a bike rack or lamp post, and used in conjunction with a security ring-style lock.

8. Turn the key to the right. As the security ring releases, so will the plug-in cable, which is secured on the opposite side from the key site.

9. Slide out the plug-in cable, and slide it back through the loop (found on the opposite end of the cable) to free the plug-in cable attachment.

Chain Locks

10. Insert the key in the lock. The series of chain locks are made of a chain which is housed in a material which will not damage the bike frame. They are secured using a padlock-type device. Generally they are placed between the back wheel and the frame so the wheel cannot rotate.

11. Turn the key to the right. You will hear a click as the lock releases.

12. Raise the lock. Simply lift the security arm of the lock, which is the upside down "U," top part of the lock.

13. Slide the security arm through the two loops of the chain lock to completely remove it. You may now re-lock to store.

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