Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Laptop Motherboard Issues

Your motherboard may be responsible for your laptop's problem.

It is difficult to diagnose and repair the motherboard of your laptop without the use of diagnostic equipment and other tools. But you can try to narrow down the problem. You may discover that it's an issue too difficult for you to solve, requiring a computer professional. But you can try to isolate the problem to determine the source. If the problem is your motherboard, it may be less expensive to replace your computer.

Screen Issues

If the screen dims and turns off while you're using your computer, determine if it's a problem with the screen or your motherboard. Hook your laptop up to an external screen. If you can see an image on the external screen, the problem is possibly your laptop's LCD or inverter board. However, if the external screen doesn't work, this may point to a deeper problem, possibly having to do with your motherboard. In this case, you'll want to consult a professional.

Faulty Ports

You may experience trouble with your laptop's external ports, such as the USBs. Test different devices in these ports. If every device doesn't work when plugged in, you probably have a problem with the ports. If some devices work, however, you may have a device problem, not a computer problem. You can also try to un-install and re-install the USB device drivers. Also, try to re-install your operating system, such as Windows. If none of this works, you may have a motherboard problem.

Power Adapter

Turn on your laptop while the power adapter is plugged in. You may experience one of the following symptoms: nothing at all happens; the "on" light is on and the fan spins, but the light soon turns off; or the laptop makes a quiet sound and the screen remains black. Push the "lid closed" button near the hinges of the laptop. The problem may be that the button is stuck in the "lid closed" position (pushed in). If this isn't the problem, test the laptop using another power adapter. Some adapters will make the "on" button light up, but not provide enough power to actually turn the computer on. If none of this troubleshooting works, you may have a motherboard issue.

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