Thursday, 22 October 2015

Install A Sata Laptop Hard Drive

Installing a new hard drive should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Laptop hardware installations are generally more difficult than desktop installations. This is because laptops have more components jammed into a smaller space. This makes it very likely that you will need to remove several parts that lie above the existing hard drive. Installing your new SATA drive should be a simple matter of replacing the old one. Take care when removing your laptop's internal hardware--don't lose any screws or other components, as they may be hard to replace.


1. Turn off your computer and wait for it to cool down. Remove your laptop's battery by pulling the slider or latch on the underside and pulling it out.

2. Remove your laptop's case by removing the screws on the underside. You should see the existing hard drive. If there are any components blocking it, remove them carefully.

3. Disconnect the ribbon cables and power cable from the drive, but make sure you don't force them out. Carefully slide out the drive.

4. Slide the new drive in, and connect the ribbon cables and power cable. Make sure they are secure, as the drive will be read by your computer as "unrecognized" if they are not.

5. Replace any components in order according to how you removed them. Replace your laptop's case. Replace your laptop's battery, then turn on your computer to ensure the new drive loads correctly.

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