Friday, 9 October 2015

Open The Hood On A Buick With A Dead Battery

If the battery in your Buick vehicle is dead, you'll need to open the hood. This provides you with access to the battery, which allows you to replace it, or jump start it to get back on the road. Some vehicles, such as the Porsche 911, come with electronic hood releases, which makes things difficult when the battery is dead. All Buick vehicles, however, have mechanical hood releases. This makes opening the hood when your battery is dead a simple task.


1. Open your Buick's driver-side door and take a seat. If the door is locked, you'll need to unlock it with the key, rather than the keyless-entry remote. The remote does not work when the battery is dead.

2. Inspect the area around your parking-brake pedal to find the hood release. The hood release is located on the left side of the driver-side footwell. It is marked with an icon of a vehicle with an open hood.

3. Pull the hood-release lever fully. You should hear a noise. This is the sound of your hood unlatching and partially opening. Step out of your Buick and walk to the front, near the center of the hood.

4. Look between the hood and the grille. Between the opening, you'll see an additional lever. This lever is unmarked. Push the lever to the right to fully release the hood latch. While holding the lever to the right, grasp the edge of the hood and lift it straight up.

5. Prop the hood with the support rod if necessary. Some Buick models have automatic hood struts. These struts support the hood when it is raised.

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