Friday, 30 October 2015

Fix A Nosound Problem From Computer Speakers

It's no fun to listen to music on your computer with faulty speakers.

Your computer may no longer provide sound for a variety of reasons. You may have faulty speaker wires or lowered volume control. If the sound has been audible from your computer's speakers and is suddenly lost, you may need to perform a System Restore. Updating your sound drivers may also resolve the problem. Your sound drivers may have been corrupted or may be missing. The result of this is that the restore utility menu won't be available.


Check the Speaker Connections and Volume Control Settings

1. Verify that the lack of sound is not due to faulty speaker connections. Substitute the speaker connection with headphones and see if you get any sound.

2. Open the volume control window by clicking the speaker icon in your System Tray. Verify that the speakers are not muted. If you see a red circle with a slash through it, click the speaker icon to un-mute the speakers.

3. Click and drag the volume level up to see if you can hear sound.

Perform a System Restore

4. Click the " Start" button and then "All Programs."

5. Click "Accessories," "System Tools" and then "System Restore."

6. Follow the onscreen prompts in the System Restore Wizard to see if that fixes the problem.

Update the Sound Drivers

7. Click the "Start" button. Click "Control Panel" and then "System and Security."

8. Click "System" and then "Device Manager."

9. Double-click the sound device for which you want to update the driver.

10. Click the "Driver" tab and then "Update Driver." Click "OK" Do this for each sound device.

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