Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Troubleshoot Power Problems On A Vizio L32 Hdtv

Troubleshooting hdtv power issues

The Vizio L32 is a thirty-two inch LCD high definition television. The L32 supports 720p and 1080i formats and has a built-in ATSC tuner capable of receiving high definition broadcasts over the air with an HDTV antenna. This television has zoom and freeze picture functions, and offers a 170 degree viewing angle, which provides clear picture viewing of its widescreen from almost any angle. The L32 operates on standard AC power, and like all televisions it can suffer from power problems. Knowing troubleshoot power problems on this television can save time and energy down the road.


1. Verify that the television's AC power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet.

2. Attempt to turn on the television using the power button located on the front of the television set. If the television doesn't start, proceed to step three.

3. Check the power light on the front of the television. If the light is green, the television is on and there should be a picture on the screen. If there is no picture, the problem may be in the television settings or LCD screen, but the problem isn't a power issue. If the light is yellow, the television is turned off, but is receiving power. In both of these cases the problem is with the television's internal hardware, and the TV will need to be examined by Vizio or a local repair shop. If there is no light, there is no power to the television.

4. Double-check that the AC power cord is properly connected to the television. The television's AC connector is at the back of the television in the lower left hand corner. Firmly press the AC power cord into the AC connector on the television to ensure that the AC power cord is properly connected.

5. Press the power button on the front of the television. If the television turns on, the issue is resolved. If the television doesn't turn on, proceed to step six.

6. Verify that the electrical outlet is working properly. Plug another device into the same outlet socket that the television was plugged into to see if that device will turn on. If that device turns on, the problem is with the television's power supply. If that device doesn't turn on the electrical outlet may be faulty. Proceed to step seven.

7. Plug the television into an electrical outlet that you know is working properly.

8. Attempt to turn on the television again. If the television turns on, the previous electrical outlet was the problem. If the television doesn't turn on the power supply is the issue. If the television is under warranty contact Vizio for repair or replacement. If the television is out of warranty, the television will need to be brought to a local television repair shop to be fixed.

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