Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Increase Ddr Sdram

Install a new DDR SDRAM for faster computer performance.

DDR SDRAM, or Double Data Rate SDRAM, is improved SDRAM which allows a computer to transfer data at twice the speed. If your computer supports DDR SDRAM and you want to further increase memory capacity of your computer for faster performance, you can install a new DDR SDRAM chip to the computer.


1. Turn off the power switch connected to the power supply located at the back of the computer unit. Unplug the power cable from the power source and unplug all cables from the computer. Wait at least 10 seconds to allow the internal electrical parts of the computer to discharge.

2. Open the computer casing. Use the Philips screwdriver to unscrew the locks of the casing and then slide away one panel to expose the motherboard or the main board where the internal computer parts are attached. The steps in opening the computer casing vary from one case to another. Some computer cases have latches or buttons that you need to press to open.

3. Locate the RAM sockets in your motherboard. Find an empty one where you can install the new RAM chip. If there is no vacant slot and you want to replace one of the installed memory chips, press the clips on both ends of the memory socket to release the memory chip. Place the new DDR SDRAM into the slot and push it firmly into the slot until it clicks into place.

4. Close the computer casing, reconnect all cables and turn on the computer. The computer should automatically detect the newly installed RAM.

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