Thursday, 22 October 2015

Replace G5 Motherboards

Replace G5 Motherboards

Apple's G5 computer (now called the Mac Pro) was a breakthrough computer, not only designwise, but for its unparalleled power and functionality. Originally offered with a robust 1.6GHz processor in mid-2003, it has jacked up its processing power on a regular basis, added dual Intel processors, as well as the capacity for huge amounts of RAM. While this machine is about as stable as could be hoped for, there are instances where the motherboard has to be replaced. Replacing it is one of those tasks that sounds more complex than it actually it, and only requires removing or detaching the things that hold it into place, or get in the way of removing it.


1. Power down the machine, and give it at least 30 minutes to cool down. Unplug all cables and detach any peripherals.

2. Open the machine by pulling the lever on the back of the Mac. Remove the side panel (the aluminum part) by pulling it away from the computer, and then remove the plastic shield, using the attached handle on it.

3. Lift the fan assembly straight up, and then use a Torx 6 tool (or Torx 6 bit in your screwdriver) to remove the screws holding the processor (or processors) in place. The processor units are labeled G5. Carefully lift the processor(s) straight up, and put them aside. The motherboard is the big circuit board that is underneath everything in the computer.

4. Detach all of the inner components from the motherboard. Remove any PCI cards by removing the screws holding them in place, and lifting straight up. Remove the RAM chips by releasing the snaps that hold them into place. Simply pressing down on both snaps (located at either end of the chips) will allow you to easily remove them.

5. Finally, remove all the cables that attach the motherboard to other components. There are four sets of wires that connect components to the motherboard (IDE cable, drive fan bay, serial ATA cable and temp sensor). Gently squeeze the clips that hold them in place, and gingerly pull them apart. Notice that each set of wires that attaches to the motherboard has a corresponding clip and can only fit in it one way.

6. Remove the motherboard from the inside of the computer by taking out the seven screws that keep it attached to the case, and gently pushing towards the front of the case. Then, carefully pull the motherboard out of the computer. Be careful not to scrape other parts of the computer with the motherboard.

7. Gently place the new motherboard into the computer and replace the screws. Then reattach all the wires by reinserting them into their corresponding clips. Reseat the PCI cards and RAM chips, and make sure they're properly seated and fully snapped into place. Replace any screws in the PCI cards, and then reseat the processor(s) and screw it back into place. Finally, reseat the fan, put the plastic shield on, replace the side of the computer, and snap the latch closed.

8. Reattach all the cables: the A/C cord, the display cable, and all USB devices and network cables. Reboot the computer to confirm it works.

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