Monday, 5 October 2015

Update The Fujitsu B2131 Bios Through A Usb Drive

Update the Fujitsu B2131 BIOS Through a USB Drive

BIOS is the basic operating system on which your computer runs. While BIOS rarely needs to be updated, it is occasionally necessary due to bug fixes or corruption issues with the current version. While most BIOS updates need to be performed from a floppy disc, if you have a Fujitsu B2131 computer, you can perform the BIOS update using a USB drive.


1. Format the USB drive by inserting it into your computer, going to the \"Start\" menu, pressing the \"Run\" button and typing in \"x:\\format\" (where \"x\" is the letter of your USB drive). Format the drive in \"FAT\" style, which will be one of the selectable buttons on your screen during the process.

2. Go to the Fujitsu support website and punch in the serial number of your computer to find the latest BIOS revision. (See Resources 1) Download the BIOS file and save it to the USB drive. In addition to downloading the BIOS file, you will also need to download the BIOS boot utility--the program that tells your computer rewrite the BIOS.

3. Download the boot files for your HP USB drive. (See References 1) Save the file to your USB drive then run it so that your computer can boot up from the USB drive alone. This file will enable your USB drive to function as a boot disk, allowing the computer to avoid loading your main operating system (e.g., Windows), instead booting into MS-DOS. This is necessary as the computer must be in DOS to update the BIOS. Searching online for \"USB Boot Disk\" will enable you to find alternate methods.

4. Reboot your computer. During the start up messages, look on your screen to find the key you must press to enter the BIOS and press it. You will now need to change your computer's settings so that it boots from the USB drive. Go to the boot disc options and change it so that the first option reads \"USB drive.\" Exit and save your changes.

5. Reboot again. The computer should boot from the USB drive, taking you to a window with a flashing prompt. Type in the name of the BIOS boot utility you downloaded in Step 1, followed by the name of the BIOS file which you want to place on your computer.

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