Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Replace Motherboard On Hp Pavilion A210n

Changing a motherboard makes your computer behave differently, especially when you change to a different chip set.

Your HP Pavilion A210n contains an 845GL chip-set motherboard. To continue using the computer's CD for operating-system installation, you must upgrade it with a motherboard containing the same chip set. If you don't mind losing the ability to use your system disk, you can use practically any motherboard. Before upgrading your motherboard, remove all the other pieces that interfere with it and ground yourself to prevent electrostatic discharge.


1. Disconnect your HP computer's cables and turn the unit so that the rear faces you.

2. Remove the thumbscrews with your fingers on the right part of the computer. These screws do not need a screwdriver. Lift the right cover off.

3. Remove the cables connected to your motherboard. Remember where these cables connect, as you will have to connect them again to your new motherboard.

4. Remove the screws from your motherboard's mounting holes and save them for the new motherboard.

5. Lift the motherboard out of your computer and put it in a static-free zone.

6. Remove your new motherboard from its packaging and lift the lever next to the CPU socket to free up the socket. Seat the CPU you intend to use for your motherboard on the socket and push the lever down. If you took the CPU from the old motherboard, wipe the surface clean with a dry cloth to remove any grease or dust.

7. Get a syringe of thermal paste, put a very small amount on top of the CPU (no more than a drop) and spread it evenly on the surface using a paper or something similar. You should not touch the thermal paste with your fingers, as it might irritate your skin.

8. Seat the cooling fan on top of the CPU and lock it in using the latches that came with it. Don't forget to connect its 4-pin power cable to the connector near it.

9. Seat your motherboard in your computer, aligning its mounting holes with the mounting supports. Tighten a screw into each hole.

10. Connect all the cables from your previous motherboard to the new one.

11. Close the computer and connect the exterior cables. Turn your computer on.

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