Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Troubleshoot Emachines

EMachines is a computer company that provides affordable computers. The company started in 1998 as a competitor to another computer manufacturer offering low-cost solutions: Gateway. Although Gateway has since disbanded, eMachines still produces low-cost desktop and laptop computers. Much like any other computer, eMachines are susceptible to the typical problems any other computer suffers from. There may be a few troubleshooting steps you can take to solve some of these problems.


1. Make sure that all of the cables are properly and securely connected. This includes the power cord, keyboard, mouse and monitor.

2. Run a spyware and malware scan on the computer if the performance has been slow. This is especially important if you use Internet Explorer, as many cases of spyware have been reported using that browser. See "Resources" for a link to download a free spyware scanner.

3. Defrag the hard drive if your eMachine is performing slowly. To do this, right-click the hard drive and select "Properties." Then select "Tools" and "Defragment Computer Now." This will optimize the files on your computer and may help speed up the computer.

4. Plug your eMachine's power cord directly into the wall if it is connected to a surge protector. EMachine's power sources have been known to be weak, and bypassing the surge protector may help provide power to the computer.

5. Restart the computer if the previous steps did not work. Restarting the computer can often fix unseen issues by closing down all applications.

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