Thursday, 8 October 2015

Mount A Gigabyte Motherboard

A motherboard acts as the nerve center of your computer. Every component connects to the motherboard, including the processor, memory, video card and hard drives. It handles communication between devices and routes power throughout the computer. When building your own computer with a Gigabyte-brand motherboard, you must first mount it before you can install any other hardware in the system case. Not mounting the motherboard properly could result in system problems such as overheating and instability.


1. Open the computer case by removing the retaining screws on the back. Place the case on its side. Compare the screw holes on the inside of the case with the holes on the motherboard. Cases provide more screw holes than necessary to accommodate different motherboard designs.

2. Install the nut screws included with the motherboard into the case. Use only those holes in the case that correspond with the position of the screw holes on the motherboard. Tighten the screw nuts by turning them clockwise with your index finger and thumb.

3. Place the included screws into every available hole on the motherboard. Only insert screws into the metalized holes on the motherboard. You can identify metalized holes by the silver metal ring running around the perimeter of the hole. Metalized holes ground the motherboard with the system case when secured with a metal screw.

4. Insert the back connector plate included with the motherboard into the case. Place the connector plate in the available opening on the back of the case. Make sure you orient the open connector ports on the plate in the same direction as the ports on the motherboard. Press firmly to secure the connector plate to the system case.

5. Lay the motherboard in the case. Double-check that the screws align with the screw nuts you installed earlier. Tighten each screw by turning it clockwise with a Phillips head screwdriver.

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