Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Find Documentation For A Motherboard Online

One of the most intimidating tasks we face when trying to repair an old computer is finding the specifications for its motherboard. Now, thanks to resources available on the Internet, we can easily find documentation for these older motherboards.


1. Check both sides of the old motherboard for a manufacturer's name and model number. Most of the time you can find this information printed along the sides of the board.

2. Type the manufacturer's name and the motherboard's model number in the navigation pane of your web browser. This should take you directly to a relevant web page or produce a list of possible websites.

3. Review the results, and select the link that brings you to the proper page. Many times the manuals are stored as PDF files, so keep that in mind when looking for the correct link.

4. Go to the manufacturer's website if your quest for the specific manual is unsuccessful.

5. Find the manufacturer's telephone number, and call them to request a copy of the manual from their service department. They can either mail you a copy (sometimes for a small fee) or direct you to the right place to find the manual on their website.

Tags: manufacturer name, model number