Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fix An On & Off Switch On A Computer

Fix an On & Off Switch on a Computer

A broken power switch on a computer is a fairly basic, but extremely problematic issue. Without the power switch, your computer will be stuck in a state of perpetual limbo--fully functional but unable to begin working. Before giving up the ghost and purchasing a new computer case or switch, there are some things you can try to do to get your power switch working again. With your motherboard manual and a simple Phillips screwdriver in hand, you should be able to troubleshoot your power switch in 20 to 30 minutes.


1. Obtain a physical copy of your computer's motherboard manual or an electronic copy from the manufacturer's site online. Consult the manual to determine where on the motherboard the connection to the power switch is located. This is typically on or near the lower corner of the motherboard toward the front of the case, but it can vary, so check your product documentation.

2. Unplug your computer case from the wall and turn off the switch located on the rear of the computer's power supply.

3. Remove the side of your computer's case by removing the two screws located on the right side at the rear of the machine. This is the most common method to open a case, but it can vary. Thus, consult your computer's operating manual if you are unable to open your case with this method.

4. Locate the jumpers for the computer's on-off switch (found in the manual during step one). Remove the jumper that connects to your computer's power switch with your fingers or a pair of tweezers. Blow lightly on the switch to dislodge any dust or other items that might be shorting out the connection.

5. Replace the connector back on the jumper and close your computer up. Reattach the power cord and attempt to start the computer again.

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