Monday, 10 August 2015

Lined Vs Unlined Notebooks

Lined and unlined notebooks have different uses and advantages.

When it comes to notebooks, there are advocats of lined paper and devotees to plain paper. And like many of life's infinite choices --- books vs. movies, red wine vs. white, meat vs. veggies --- when it comes down to deciding which type is best for you, it's an issue of both personal preference and functionality.


If you're the type who likes to use your notebook for different things, unlined notebooks could be the choice for you. No lines gives you the freedom to write, doodle, design and flip your book on its side without lines interfering with your work. If you like what you've produced, you can cut out the page and display it without anyone knowing it came from a notebook.

Neat Text

Writing straight without lined paper can be hard, as it takes a steady hand and concentration. If you use your notebook to write down text, lines can be a useful guide. The result of using lined paper for writing is that you fit more information on the page and the direction of your text stays steady. However, some people like unlined paper, as it allows their text to wander uninhibited wherever they like as an additional form of expression.

Good-Looking Letters

On the other hand, good quality unlined paper gives a better feel to personal letters to friends and family than lined paper. Buying letter-writing sets can be expensive, so a notebook of good quality unlined paper is a cost-effective alternative. If writing in a straight line doesn't come naturally to you, try putting a piece of lined paper underneath your blank paper --- if the lines show through, you can use them to guide you.

Design and Creativity

Unlined notebooks are undoubtedly more suited for art-orientated design. An unlined notebook can be used as a convenient sketchpad or graphic design portfolio, when lined paper could be seen as rendering the pages unattractive. Lined notebooks are available not just in regular lines and squares but in diagonally intersecting lines that facilitate illustration of three dimensional structures. "Isometric"-lined paper saves time in areas of technical drawing, such as product design, architecture and engineering where it is often important to draw straight lines, that intersect at specific lengths and angles.

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