Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Find My Vga Card Chipset

Locating your video card's chipset number is a simple task.

Locate the name of the manufacturer of the circuitry of your video card, or chipset, by utilizing the device manager on your Windows 7-based computer. A video card's job is to render and subsequently display images for video and game applications on your PC. Also, many video games have minimum requirements of which chipset is needed for you to play them. The two major creators of video card chipsets are Nvidia and ATI, and your chipset is one of these names followed by a model number. In general, the higher model numbers correspond to more recently produced chipsets.


1. Click the "Start" button on your Windows 7 desktop, then access the "Control Panel." The control panel window opens.

2. Hit the "System and Security" option, then under the "System" option, click on "Device Manager." The device manager windows comes into view. The device manger window lists hardware installed on your PC grouped by category.

3. Expand the "Display Adapter" heading in the device manger list to reveal the name of your graphics card chipset.

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