Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Identify A Video Driver In A Laptop

A video card is a device that allows a computer to display images and process graphics. Laptops often have built-in video cards that are less powerful than video cards in desktop computers. Driver software is data that allows a computer operating system to identify and use a hardware device like a video card. The video card driver version installed on a computer can affect the performance and compatibility of the video card.


DxDiag Tool

1. Click "Start," type "dxdiag" into the search box and press "Enter."

2. Click the "Display" tab.

3. Check the information on the right side of the window under "Drivers." If driver information is not listed under "Drivers," go to Section 2.

Device Manager

4. Click "Start," type "Device Manager" into the search box and click "Device Manager" when the search result appears.

5. Click the "+" symbol next to "Display Adapters."

6. Right-click on the display adapter (the video card), click "Properties" and then click the "Driver" tab. Click "Driver Details" for more driver information.

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