Thursday, 13 August 2015

Install Silent Drivers

Most hardware that is installed onto a computer requires a driver in order to work properly. A driver give the computer the necessary information it needs to run the hardware properly. Most drivers are installed visually and you know when they are active, such as a printer driver or scanner. A driver can also be installed silently, which will not bring up any warnings or notifications when the driver has been installed.


1. Download "Driver Magician." This program will be able to install any driver onto the computer silently. The file will download directly to the desktop, and will have an icon in a "Downloads" pop-up window as well.

2. Launch the downloaded file. This will open the installation wizard. Follow the installation wizard's steps to complete the program setup.

3. Open "Driver Magician." It will ask you to insert the driver installation CD, or select the download file for the driver. The "Driver Magician" will then take files off of the CD or out of the file (typically all of the .exe and .dll files) and create its own folder. The folder will be placed onto the computer (usually in C:\Windows\System32"). Once this process is done, the Driver Magician will silently install the driver without alarming the operating system or bring up any warnings.

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