Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Use The Asus Turbov I5

With the ASUS TurboV utility, you can overclock the Intel i5 processor to its full potential. Like main boards from other high-end manufacturers, ASUS motherboards, designed for use with the Intel i5 series of processors, support overclocking of the chip to enable faster performance. In most cases, though, overclocking the i5 processor requires advanced knowledge of bus and voltage settings, and adjusting the system BIOS with a bit of trial and error. Overclock the processor too much, and the machine does not boot or locks up. Overclock the CPU too little, and you are missing out on potential performance gains.


1. Insert the ASUS motherboard installation disc into the optical drive of your computer. After the AutoPlay or Setup Wizard window appears, click the "Install AI Utilities" or "Install ASUS Utilities" link.

2. Accept the default installation parameters and click "Next" or "Continue." Wait a few seconds for the installer to install the utilities, and reboot your computer when prompted.

3. Click "Start," and then "All Programs." In the program folder list, click the "ASUS" or "ASUS Utilities" program folder, and then "AI Suite," "AI Suite II" or "ASUS Utilities" depending on the version of the application that shipped with your motherboard. The ASUS AI utilities toolbar appears on the screen.

4. Click the "Tools" button, "TurboV," and then the "Auto Tuning Boost" tab. Click the "Start CPU" or "Start CPU Boost" button.

5. Review the "Warning" message in the next window. The message advises you that the utility performs various tests on your computer and overclocks the memory and processor. Click the "Start" button to start the Auto Tuning process. After you click the "Start" button, the computer restarts.

6. Log in with your Windows username and password if prompted. Otherwise, do not interfere with the reboot process. The TurboV application will probably reboot your computer two or three more times to test various overclocking configurations.

7. Review the overclocking configuration in the "Auto Tuning was Successful" window to determine how much the utility increased performance of the processor and memory in your computer. Typical performance increases range from 10 to 20 percent for the CPU and 15 to 50 percent for system RAM.

8. Click the "OK" to close the "Auto Tuning was Successful" window. Use your computer as you normally would.

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