Monday, 3 August 2015

Remove A Pci Express Card

PCI express cards are dedicated graphics cards that assist a computer with processing and displaying 3-D graphics. It can be useful to know remove a PCI express card, either to transport it and install it in a different computer, or to make room for a video card upgrade. Upgrading video cards is one of the best ways to increase performance on computer games.


1. Turn off the computer and unplug the power cable.

2. Open the computer's case by unscrewing a few screws on the back of the case holding on the left side panel. Depending on your case, you might not need to remove any screws--some towers have screwless easy-release mechanisms.

3. Locate the PCI express video card. You can tell which card it is by following your monitor cable and checking which card the cable is plugged into. It will usually be the card plugged into the motherboard highest up in the case.

4. Unplug cords from the back of the video card, and any internal power cords. You will probably have at least one, if not more, cords plugged into the PCI express card on the back, such as the monitor cable, and other video hook ups. Inside the case, there might be an additional power cord attached to the card coming from the power supply that must be detached.

5. Unscrew a retaining screw securing the card near the back of the case if present.

6. Remove the card by pulling it straight back with moderate pressure. There will likely be a plastic retainer tab on the side of the card furthest from the back of the case that you will have to lift up before you remove the card. If you cannot get it to pop out, jimmy it back and forth slightly.

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