Monday, 24 August 2015

Find A Motherboard'S Serial Number

Find a Motherboard's Serial Number

A motherboard is a core component of a computer. The motherboard's serial number may provide very specific information on hardware compatibility that is important for computer upgrades. For instance, you can check if memory modules of a particular type or brand are suitable for your motherboard. There are certain methods to use to retrieve the motherboard's serial number.


1. Log into an administrator account on your computer.

2. Download or obtain elsewhere a program that would produce the hardware information such as reputable freeware programs available online (HWiNFO32 and PC WIZARD).

3. Execute the downloaded setup file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the program.

4. Launch the installed freeware.

5. If you use HWiNFO32, expand the "Motherboard" entry, and then the "SMBIOS DMI" by clicking on "+" signs. Click on "Mainboard" and read the "Mainboard Serial Number" on the right panel.

If you use PC Wizard, select the "Hardware" tab on the left and click "Mainboard" under that tab. Click on the "Mainboard" entry on the right panel and read the "Serial Number" in the bottom window under "General Information."

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