Friday, 21 August 2015

Install A Firewire Card Into A Pci Express Slot

Firewire is a peripherals connection similar to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) but faster. Not available as standard on all computers, Firewire is useful for connections like video and digital audio that transmit large amounts of data between devices. PCI Express slots--smaller versions of standard Peripheral Component Interconnect slots--connect network, graphics and expansion-port cards to computers.


1. Shut off the computer, disconnect all attached devices and unplug the power supply. Before proceeding, wait a few moments to dissipate any electricity that may remain in the circuits.

2. Locate the holding screws, four to eight of them, on the rear of the computer and remove them with the Philips-head screwdriver. Lift or slide off the top part of the computer case. Some computers have side panels that slide off while others have cases where the top and two sides lift off in one piece.

3. Look inside and locate an available PCI Express slot. These slots, white or yellow with small metal lines inside them, may have other slots around them. Look for the smaller slots.

4. Remove the metal cover from the back opening that lines up with the PCI slot you will be using. Unscrew the holding screw and slide the cover out. An opening at the back of the computer allows access to the Firewire card's ports during use.

5. Hold the Firewire card so that the small, gold-colored tips on one side are facing the inside of the computer. Line these tips up to the slot inside the computer and firmly push the card into place. You may need to apply force to achieve a secure fit.

6. Replace the one holding screw that keeps the Firewire card in place. Check the back of the computer; the port section of the card should be clearly visible and accessible through the back of the computer case. Replace the computer casing and reconnect all power and devices.

7. Turn on the computer. The computer may indicate that new hardware has been found. Allow the computer to install updated drivers for the card automatically by clicking "Find Drivers" on the popup window that appears. If you are prompted for a driver CD, insert the CD that came with the Firewire card. Restart the computer if prompted after the drivers are installed.

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