Thursday, 20 August 2015

Find My Flash Bios

Find My Flash BIOS

"Flashing" the BIOS is the process of replacing an old and outdated version of the BIOS with the most current upgrade. This is accomplished through the use of two files--the new BIOS revision and a BIOS Flash Utility (the program that accomplishes the flash process). Finding the appropriate "Flash BIOS," or "BIOS Flash Utility," is necessary as different versions of BIOS will not be compatible with competing manufacturer's flash utilities.


1. Page through your motherboard or computer operating manual to determine the make and model number of the motherboard in your computer. This is necessary as certain makes and models of motherboards use different BIOS programs, necessitating different flash utilities.

2. Navigate to the home page of your motherboard's manufacturer. Once there, click on the option for the "Support" page.

3. Open the "Downloads" section of the support page.

4. Enter your motherboard's make and model to the search function present on the downloads page to find the appropriate files for your computer. One of these files will be the BIOS flash utility, which is typically located above or below the BIOS revisions for your computer.

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